Meet Our Owners

Stephanie Barreto


Stephanie is the owner of Love Light and Healing Center. Its very existence brings joy to her soul. Everyone has stress in their lives, and many suffer from the pain that comes from stress and age.  Her desire to help others overcome these hurdles is why Love Light and Healing Center exists. With this business and with the amazing people she has on her team, she now has the tools necessary to ease the burdens of others. When she sees them come in with stress or pain, and they receive the care they need, she gets to see the difference it has made for them first hand. “Being able to see and hear the difference my therapists have on the lives of everyone who comes through my doors is one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever felt.“ When asked why Love Light and Healing Center, her answer is: “Because inside these walls is where healing happens. Not just healing for those coming in, but for those who are already within.”

Robert "Kirby" Woods LAc.


Kirby started his journey into Chinese Medicine by falling into it...literally! In 2009, Kirby tumbled over the rump of his mare and dislocated his left elbow. After 7 months of intense rehabilitation, Kirby was back to his normal routines. In 2010, almost one year to the day later, he bailed from the same mare and fractured his right elbow. Kirby decided the pain and long recovery time from the year before was too inconvenient and sought the advice of a chiropractor and his acupuncturist wife. After three months, Kirby was back to normal and had a referral to tour the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture (PIHMA) in Phoenix, AZ. After graduating from PIHMA, Kirby spent a year working at the Phoenix Medicinary at PIHMA as the Medicinary Manager.

Meet Our Team


Massage Therapist

Kat has had a love for massage therapy since she was young. She was able to see firsthand the relief from headaches and migraines her friends and family received because of massage. Those experiences helped her see that massage was the career she wanted to focus on. In 2013 she started attending Nevada School of Massage. During this time, she not only learned the skills needed to become a massage therapist, but her love grew for helping people who are in pain.

After she graduated, she started her massage career in Bullhead City, AZ. In 2014, she moved to Tempe and started her career in the east valley. Throughout her years of hands on experience in chiropractic clinics and her continued education, Kat has been able to hone-in on her therapeutic massage skills and advance her training. She is continually growing and learning new techniques to better help her clients feel better in their own bodies.


Massage Therapist

Teri is originally from California, but moved to the beautiful state of Arizona in 2004. She became a nurse in 1998 and began working in a nursing home in 1999. After serving in that capacity for 14  years, she knew she needed a change, but did not want to stop helping others. After looking into massage therapy, Teri became a licensed massage therapist in 2012. She has enjoyed serving others and has not stopped increasing her skills ever since. She has a desire to continue in this field for many years to come. Teri specializes in deep tissue massage, but her skills don't stop there. She also excels in Cranial Sacral, Swedish, Sports Therapy, Myofascial Release, Prenatal and Oncology. 

We carefully select our service team; however, each of our team members are independently operated and not employees of the Love Light and Healing Center. Therefore, Love Light and Healing LLC is not responsible or liable for actions taken by these service partners or any injury that may result from the provision of these services.

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