We are a team of Holistic Wellness practitioners dedicated to helping you live a healthy happy life.   We believe that we are all created in God’s image as holistic beings in body, mind, and spirit.  As Holistic professionals we are change agents for humankind dedicated to improving the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of everyone we touch.

Marie Neugent, Co-Owner, Massage and Holistic Wellness Educator/Practitioner

With a passion for helping people heal from pain and trauma,  I share my wisdom and gifts with the world
one beautiful being at a time  
I moved here to Arizona in 2008 and fell in love with this beautiful state.  I am a graduate of the National Massage Therapy Institute and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  I have been providing massage and holistic wellness services for over 15 years. Since I was a small child I knew that I was called to help the world heal.    From massage to energy therapy, herbs to essential oils hypnotherapy and meditation to prayer, I am here to help you develop and enhance a deeper sense of well-being.
I started my career in executive leadership and managed healthcare facilities for many years before changing my career and following my passion in holistic health. 
I am a teacher and a practitioner offering services and workshops to help you live a happy, healthy pain free, stress free life.   

Massage - Reflexology - Hypnotherapy - Instructor

Stephanie Barreto, Co-Owner, Director of Operations

Much like the instructions we receive when we are about to fly on an airplane, we need to remember that in order to help our families as well as others, we need to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, and then put the mask on our children in order to help them survive the unknown. I’ve created a place where people of all ages and genders can come and take a moment out of the daily grind of life and give themselves the much needed metaphorical oxygen, where taking care of yourself is the number one priority. My goal is to give you a place to unwind, relax, better understand yourselves, make healthy changes in your lives, and see the light at the end of the tunnel that might not have been there when you last looked. In a world where that light is sometimes eclipsed, I hope that the Love Light and Healing Center can do just that: Help others see the light in themselves that has been there all along and to help that light become a beacon to others.

Kirby Woods, Chinese Medicine Practioner

I  started my path in Chinese Medicine in 2010, after transitioning from a career as an environmental chemist. I have a passion for Chinese herbs, tui na (Chinese medical body work), and helping others to achieve their health goals. I graduated from the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture (PIHMA) in 2014 and worked as the Medicinary Manager in the Phoenix Medicinary at PIHMA from 2015 to 2016. 

Chinese Herbal Consults - Tui Na - Cupping - Reflexology

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We carefully select our service team; however, each of our team members are independently operated and not employees of the Love Light and Healing Center. Therefore, Love Light and Healing LLC is not responsible or liable for actions taken by these service partners or any injury that may result from the provision of these services.

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